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Our Yoga for Balance Classes

Experience our specialized Yoga for Balance classes designed to enhance physical stability, coordination, and mental focus. Our classes include a variety of balance-focused poses like Tree Pose and Eagle Pose, aimed at strengthening core, hips, and legs, enhancing proprioception, and improving overall cognitive function.

Specialized Balance Classes

Tailored sessions focused on improving balance, coordination, and stability.

Variety of Balance Poses

A range of poses, including Tree Pose (Vrikshasana) and Eagle Pose (Garudasana), to challenge and enhance balance skills.

Core Strengthening

Exercises that specifically target and strengthen the core muscles, crucial for maintaining good balance.

Reduce Fall Risk

At YogaHealth we believe in the transformative power of yoga. Led by experienced instructors, our studio is a sanctuary where stress and anxiety are replaced with tranquility and mindfulness. Our approach to Restorative Yoga is rooted in scientific evidence and a deep understanding of its therapeutic benefits.

Experienced Instructors

Team of seasoned yoga instructors, each with a deep understanding of yoga's therapeutic aspects.

Evidence-Based Approach

Practices and teachings grounded in scientific research, ensuring effective and safe sessions.

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Enhance Your Proprioception

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Declining Physical Stability

Challenges in maintaining balance and physical stability, crucial for daily activities and overall health.

Aging-Related Balance Issues

Natural decline in balance and coordination as part of the aging process, increasing the risk of falls.

Impact on Overall Well-being

The interconnectedness of physical and mental imbalances affecting general health and quality of life.


Enhanced Physical Stability

Yoga poses specifically designed to improve balance, core strength, and overall physical stability.

Safe for Aging Populations

Tailored exercises that are safe and effective for older adults, helping to reduce fall risks and improve coordination.

Holistic Health Benefits

A balanced approach to health, addressing both physical and mental aspects for improved well-being.

Balance Yoga Practice

For Beginner And Intermediate

Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

A classic balance pose that involves standing on one leg while the other foot is placed on the inner thigh or calf.


Warrior II (Virabhadrasana)

This dynamic balancing pose starts in a high lunge position, then transitions to balancing on one leg, with the body.


Half Moon Pose

A Balance of Energies and Challenge. Root and stabilize with one leg and arm, while extending the other for a blend of the moon's calm and the sun's intensity.


Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

This foundational pose teaches the principles of balance and alignment.


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Read what our members say and witness the impact of Yoga.Health™️ in reshaping their personal stories.

...every day I start out with an affirming meditation, Life is so stressful, it helps me stay grounded.

Maryann O.

star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f
star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f morning routine can be rough on my arthritis, Chris' story inspires me to keep going, god bless her.

Kalib H

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star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f

...trainers seem to be more qualified.

Margret D

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YH [Yoga.Health] is clearly different because of how it incorporates physical therapy and health care in it's app...

Kathy S

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Noel's exercises really help me deal with my pain, I thought I had to have perfect form to do yoga but I feel freer now.

Katty R

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't need any special equipment to start yoga. All you need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. As you progress, you may choose to invest in yoga blocks, straps, or bolsters to support your practice, but these are not necessary for beginners.