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Our Mission

We're dedicated to enhancing your overall health and happiness through yoga, meditation, and therapy, guiding you towards a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

core values

We honor every body, age, and ability with dignity, embrace our whole being with integrity, value diversity with respect, continuously pursue knowledge and excellence with competence, and cultivate positivity through stewardship.

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Elevating Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine

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Who We Are

Yoga.Health™️: Your on-demand hub for diverse yoga practices, complementing therapy and healthcare with certified instructors.

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Our Team

Experts in sports medicine, research, behavioral sciences, advanced yoga, therapeutics, IT, production, communication, united by passion and expertise.

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Yoga.Health prioritizes honesty and respect, continuously improving services without compromising on doing what's right.

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We respect all life and embrace the beauty of diversity. Every person has something unique to offer, and we strive to create an environment where all can thrive.

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Yoga.Health welcomes everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or ability, bringing the healing power of yoga to anyone, anywhere.

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Accessible to all, Yoga.Health spreads health, positivity, and wellness through yoga, making regular practice available to everyone.

Our Story

Hi, I'm David, and I'd like to share how Yoga.Health™ came to be.

Years ago, our team worked on a digital wearable for knee replacement patients, but faced challenges leading to significant losses. In the midst of setbacks, I found hope in research highlighting yoga as an effective post-surgical exercise.

Inspired by this, Yoga.Health™ launched in 2020. Despite facing adversities like the pandemic and wars, we've grown stronger. Thanks to our dedicated team, strategic partnerships, and research, we offer solutions for millions.

"...Yoga.Health™ has found its purpose, and that’s you."

I find joy in our work, and I'm grateful to everyone who has been part of our journey. To our customers, thank you for allowing us to contribute to your healthier living. Your appreciation is our greatest reward. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out.

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Yoga.Health™ boasts a diverse team of experts passionate about promoting wellness through sports medicine, research, advanced yoga, and more.

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Anna Conversano

Yoga Therapist/Writer

Rebecca-Headshot 2023-09-22 101534_edited.png__PID:f4ff15cc-eb4b-4fce-86ed-dfcf72577ada

Rebecca Barron

Trauma Informed Yoga/ Neuropathy Therapist


Dr. Christine Traxler M.D.

Trauma Specialist/Researcher


Dr. Noel Velazquez Dr.PT



Stacy Joyce

Yoga Therapist/Spine


Drew Tracy

Yoga/Meditation Instructor

Voices of Therapeutic Transformation

Delve into personal narratives of our members and witness the impact of Yoga.Health™️ in reshaping lives.

...every day I start out with an affirming meditation, Life is so stressful, it helps me stay grounded.


Maryann O.

star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f
star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f morning routine can be rough on my arthritis, Chris' story inspires me to keep going, god bless her.


Kalib H

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star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f

...trainers seem to be more qualified.


Margret D

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YH [Yoga.Health] is clearly different because of how it incorporates physical therapy and health care in it's app...


Kathy S

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star (1).png__PID:797e2f8b-ee07-4d7a-af82-66dd4411245f

Noel's exercises really help me deal with my pain, I thought I had to have perfect form to do yoga but I feel freer now.


Katty R

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No, you don't need any special equipment to start yoga. All you need is a yoga mat and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. As you progress, you may choose to invest in yoga blocks, straps, or bolsters to support your practice, but these are not necessary for beginners.

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